Josh Drean – Keynote Speaker, Web3 Advisor, Co-founder, Author

Josh Drean – Keynote Speaker, Harvard Advisor, HBR Author

Josh Drean – Keynote Speaker, Web3 Advisor, Co-founder, Author

Josh is an AI + Workforce Trends expert who marries AI technologies with workplace strategies to design employee experiences and optimize workplace cultures

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Meet Josh Drean

Josh Drean is Co-founder & Director of Employee Experience at The Work3 Institute, AI + Work Advisor at the Harvard Innovation Labs, and Co-author of Employment is Dead (Harvard Business Review Press, 2024)

His work has been featured in Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Fast Company, and The Economist and he has made appearances on The Today Show, NBC, and FOX Business. He speaks internationally to bring work tech insights to digital-first leaders who value human-centric work experiences.

EMPLOYMENT IS DEAD – Harvard Business Review Press

The fundamental structure of work is in desperate need of a new vessel for productivity and fulfillment. Employees will find new ways to earn a living that break the mold of traditional employment that offers greater ownership, flexibility, and agency over their working lives.

EMPLOYMENT IS DEAD explores the mindset shift necessary to thrive in the future of work, provides reasons why employees will eventually abandon traditional employment for the bounty of web3, and outlines practical AI strategies that digital-first leaders can start implementing today to take advantage of this vast new world of endless possibilities.

Keynote Topics

Josh customizes each keynote based on industry and audience to meet the needs of the participants. All keynotes can be delivered in-person or virtual.

Artificial Intelligence

THE ERA OF HUMAN+ Leveraging AI to Augment Human Potential at Work

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, Generative AI has the ability to create and accelerate data driven decision-making. This shift brings new opportunities and challenges, but embracing change will help to drive better creativity, strategic thinking, and efficiency.

Workplace Metaverse

EMPLOYMENT IS DEAD: How The Web3 Tech Will Radically Change the Way We Work

This keynote explores the solutions a virtual world of work will provide and teaches strategies for companies to thrive in an ever-changing work environment. The workplace metaverse will persist because the pains of the distributed workforce are real.

Workplace Trends

Your Competitive Advantage: Making Work MORE HUMAN + MORE DIGITAL

Companies have been trying to solve the persistent people problems of the corporate workplace for decades and, with the acceleration of technology, are falling further and further behind. It’s time to embrace an entirely new model that makes work more human AND more digital.

HR Tech & Future of Work

Decentralized Work: An Introduction to DAOs and Cryptonetworks

In this engaging keynote, Josh makes the argument that employees will choose the Metaverse, just as they are choosing distributed, remote opportunities. Companies can take action to prepare themselves for the inevitable transition to the digital workplace.

WORKSHOP – Employee Experience

Redefining the Employee-Employer Relationship Through Employee Experience Design

In this workshop Josh leads your organization on an exploration of the shifting dynamics of employee power and how workers are beginning to own their career development. Company leaders will gain a new perspective on how to put their people first by identifying solutions to make work more human. They will learn to identify the intricacies of daily employee life and understand their pain points and bottlenecks, and build strategies to individualize work schedules and customize each employee position and role.

From the moment Josh took the stage, his enthusiasm and genuine passion for the topic of employee experience were palpable. His deep understanding of the subject matter was evident as he seamlessly weaved together personal anecdotes, relevant research, and practical strategies to create an engaging and thought-provoking session.

Lainey Escarcega, VP, Conference Production at MVP Media Network


Josh’s presentation was not just inspiring; it was actionable. He provided our audience with a toolkit of strategies and best practices that they could implement immediately to enhance employee satisfaction and engagement. His ability to distill complex concepts into actionable steps made his message accessible to individuals at all levels of their organizations.

Andrew Saidy, VP, Talent Digital Transformation, Schneider Electric


Josh’s visionary insights on the metaverse and web3 technologies were truly extraordinary. He effortlessly navigated through complex concepts and emerging trends, painting a vivid picture of how these advancements will reshape the business landscape. His ability to connect the dots between technology and human experience was remarkable.

Sabrina George, Executive Producer, The Metaverse Spectrum





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