Redefining the Employee-Employer Relationship Through Employee Experience Design

The EX revolution is happening now with the adoption of hybridization, decentralization and a growing gig economy. Employees have plenty of high paying options for work, they are fed up with being overworked, and they want their contributions to mean something. As a result, millions of employees are leaving their jobs for more fulfilling opportunities. 

In this workshop Josh leads your organization on an exploration of the shifting dynamics of employee power and how workers are beginning to own their career development. Company leaders will gain a new perspective on how to put their people first by identifying solutions to make work more human. They will learn to identify the intricacies of daily employee life and understand their pain points and bottlenecks, and build strategies to individualize work schedules and customize each employee position and role. 

Included is a 12-step process over 4-9 months sprints that:

  • Provides a framework redefining the employee-employer relationship
  • Captures employee feedback and implements culture initiatives
  • Develops employee experiences beyond their day-to-day job
  • Rewards employees for their contributions through incentive and recognition programs
  • Creates a high performance culture where teams can embrace what makes them unique
  • Generates skills and capabilities that were untapped previously to better serve the organization. 

Josh will help identify patterns and eliminate workplace roadblocks that hinder the employee experience like noxious meetings or outdated technology. Leaders will be given techniques to sit in empathy with employees and hear and understand their holistic experience. 

This workshop will empower people leaders to design experiences that not only engage, but thrill employees to do the best work of their lives.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand why and how workplace relationships are changing.
  2. Discover why employee experience is crucial to the success of organizations moving forward
  3. Realize the ROI of employee experience.
  4. Launch past why employee experience is not just an “HR thing.”
  5. Develop strategies on how to design and create the best employee experiences

Deliverables: On top of the pre-implementation materials, participants will gain the tools they need to:

  1. effectively run sentiment analysis campaigns to receive feedback from employees
  2. host 1:1s with employees using the proven Work3 method 
  3. analyze insights and determine the most important elements to implement going forward
  4. implement actionable next steps and communicate the plan effectively to employees
  5. measure, test, and adjust the plan to match their findings

NOTE: this workshop package includes 3 months of follow up consultations to ensure optimal implementation.