Workshop – The Secrets of Innovative Success

New ideas and bold bets are essential for the livelihood and survival of any organization + government operating in today’s competitive marketplace and era of exponential growth.  On the minds of many leaders are the questions such as, “How do I know where the next big idea is?” and “What are the incremental or groundbreaking ideas that can be harvested from my employees?” Leaders know that without nurturing big ideas, topline expansion is limited. Deborah Perry Piscione created Improvisational Innovation™, a bottom-up methodology that engages all the talents of the entire organization, helps the organization shift to a growth mode, and addresses the question on how to identify, source, data-mine and execute upon new ideas from any employee.

Through her interactive and hands-on workshop, Deborah addresses the four Secrets of Innovative Success:  1)  A corporate culture that fosters experimentation;  2)  Leadership who understands that it is their job to take risks;  3)  An environment that values people for all their talents and passions (not just the job they were hired for);  and 4)  An annual innovation process that allows people to submit ideas in a safe and trusted environment, a process she calls Improvisational Innovation.

A 12-step process over 4-9 months sprints that:

  • Provides a framework for ideation + risk-taking 
  • Captures ideas from any person in every corner of the company in a safe + trusted    environment
  • Develops talent beyond their day-to-day job
  • Rewards the investor and their team
  • Creates an entrepreneurial + risk-taking culture
  • Generates new revenue streams, products + services for the company

Deliverables:  After your leadership team completes the Improvisational Innovation workshop, participants walk away with annual innovation goals to address your company’s opportunity spaces, pain points and under addressed needs for growth and cost-savings. The workshop arms you and your leadership team with a step-by-step, month-to-month, plan of deliverables, KPIs, and key motivators for inspiring your employees to participate.   

After the workshop, participants have the opportunity to refresh with Deborah’s LinkedIn Learning courses, “Executing on Innovation” and “Risk-taking for Leaders,”  Both of her courses have been reviewed and approved by LinkedIn Learning and the PMI® Authorized Training Partner Program and qualifies for professional development units (PDUs).

Improvisational Innovation has been adopted at Fortune 500 companies such as Qualcomm, Tata Enterprise, NetApp, Nike, Pfizer, Philip Morris International, Accenture, Coppel (Mexico), among others.  On average, the process has yielded $200M USD in new and expanded revenue streams within 12-18 months of adoption.  The Improvisational Innovation process has also been embraced by startups and fundamental for governments that are trying to diversify their economies and build regional ecosystems.