Executing on Innovation: A Process That Scales

New ideas and bold bets are essential for the livelihood and survival of any organization operating in today’s competitive marketplace and era of exponential growth. On the minds of many leaders are questions like, “How do I know where the next big idea is?” and “What are the incremental or groundbreaking ideas that can be cultivated from my employees?”

In this course, innovation thought leader Deborah Perry Piscione shares her bottom-up proprietary methodology that engages all the talents of the entire organization. As Deborah explains, leaders know that without nurturing big ideas, topline expansion is limited. This process helps an organization shift to a growth mode, and addresses the question on how to identify, source, data-mine, and execute upon new ideas from any employee in every corner of the company.

About Deborah

Deborah Perry Piscione is a venture capitalist, thought leader in innovation + web3, advisor (in web3) bestselling author, serial entrepreneur, and keynote speaker.

Her latest book “The People Equation: Innovation is People, Not Products,” focuses on the key ingredients to company growth in a fertile economy. In the book, Deborah shares Improvisational Innovation, an annual innovation process she architect to democratize the opportunity for anyone to innovate, in every corner of the company.

In her global bestselling book, “Secrets of Silicon Valley: What Everyone Else Can Learn From the Innovation Capital of the World” (St. Martin’s Press), Deborah covers the characteristics of the Silicon Valley ecosystem, the history of how the culture evolved, the future of innovation and exponential technologies, and how Silicon Valley can be replicated in a similar alchemy. The book is a “New York Times” and “Wall Street Journal” bestseller, and sold in 39 countries.

As a serial entrepreneur, Deborah created four companies, including freshwear, a patented garment that whisks away sweat and odor and Alley to the Valley,™ the country’s leading women’s community for fast-tracking, revenue generating business opportunities. Deborah served as the co-founder of Chump Genius, a gaming and brand franchise, and the former CEO and Chief Marketing Officer of BettyConfidential, a leading content site and recognizable brand on the web for women.

Deborah speaks globally on the Silicon Valley ecosystem, innovation process and risk-taking leadership for clients such as London School of Economics, TedX, Accenture and Council on Foreign Relations. She is also an author for LinkedIn Learning, and her course on “Risk-taking for Leaders” has now been translated into Mandarin, German and French.

Prior to moving to Silicon Valley, Deborah spent 18 years in Washington, DC as a former congressional & White House staffer for foreign policy, and on-air commentator for CNN, MSNBC & CNN.