Executing on Innovation: Harvesting New Ideas from Anyone in Any Corner of the Company

WHAT: Deborah Perry Piscione has uncovered the DNA from the inspired cultures of the most innovative companies in the world. In doing so, she architected a bottom’s up innovation process called, Improvisational Innovation, where anyone in any corner of the company can bring forth new ideas and be rewarded for it. And for the companies that has heard her presentation and brought the Improvisational Innovation process internally? A record 10x growth in new or existing revenue streams!

WHO: New ideas and bold bets are essential for the livelihood and survival of any organization operating in today’s competitive marketplace and era of exponential growth. This presentation is for any leader or manager throughout the company who has been kept up at night and thought, “How do I know where the next big idea is? “ or “What are the incremental or groundbreaking ideas that can be cultivated from my employees?” This presentation is critical for those thinking about company growth and needs to harvest ideas that will either generate new revenue streams or save the company money.

LEARNINGS: Over 15 years of research and a passion for innovation + democratizing opportunity for everyone in every corner of the company, Deborah Perry Piscione is known for her secret sauce to create growth, a 12-step process over 4-9 months sprints that:

  • Provides a framework for ideation + risk-taking
  • Captures ideas from any person in every corner of the company in a safe + trusted environment
  • Develops talent beyond their day-to-day job
  • Rewards the employee and their team
  • Creates an entrepreneurial + risk-taking culture
  • Generates new revenue streams, products + services for the company

Through her interactive presentation, Deborah addresses the four ingredients of innovative success: 1) A corporate culture that fosters experimentation; 2) Leadership who understands that it is their job to take risks; 3) An environment that values people for all their talents and passions (not just the job they were hired for); and 4) An annual innovation process that allows people to submit ideas in a safe and trusted environment. As Deborah explains, leaders know that without nurturing big ideas, top line expansion is limited. This process helps an organization shift to a growth mode, and addresses the question on how to identify, source, data-mine, and execute upon new ideas from any employee in every corner of the company.

TAKE AWAY: Attendees will learn how to take the annual 12-step Improvisational Innovation process back to their organizations and provide employees an opportunity to bring forth new ideas in a safe and trusted space and be recognized and rewarded for it.

Summary: Brought to large enterprises such as Qualcomm, Nike, Pfizer, Phillip Morris International and Accenture, the Improvisational Innovation process has been described as “the most effective means of allowing good ideas to bubble up from anyone at any time.” (Tata Group)


Deborah’s Corresponding Book: The People Equation: How Innovation is People, Not Products

Deborah’s Corresponding LinkedIn Learning Course: Executing on Innovation with Deborah Perry Piscione: https://www.linkedin.com/learning/executing-on-innovation-a-process-that-scales/step-1-announce-program?autoplay=true