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Podcast Immerse Global Summit 2022 Keynote – Decentralized Work

This is a joint keynote delivered with Philipp Sostmann from PWC Germany delivered at the Immerse Global Summit in Miami, FL at the Fontainebleau Luxury Hotel.

As exciting as all this advancement in technology appears, what we often overlook is the underlying problems that we are solving for. No employee I’ve ever talked to or who has taken our surveys is excited about having to strap on a VR headset to go to the virtual office where they track your performance and watch your hologram boss tell you what to do. That vision, to them, feels like more of the same stuff they are dealing with today.

In this video, Josh makes the case for how Web3 technology and the Metaverse will create a world that is more digital and more human at the same time. It will dramatically change the way we work, not because it’s cool, or because of the tech itself, but because of the power decentralization, the democratization of work, the main reason web3 exists is to enable a world where you work on your own terms doing what you love from wherever you want in the world.

And that’s exciting. To realize the potential of the Metaverse, look no further than the real world problems HR departments wrestle with today. Turnover is at an all time high. Recruiting is cut throat, companies can’t find top talent, no one is staying at their jobs very long, turnover is at a record high, disengagement is at an all time low, Gallup just recorded the lowest engagement score in a decade, Quiet quitting is trending on TikTok. Why? Let’s be honest, the reality is, work, as it currently exists, sucks. Employees know this, they feel it in their daily slog, the endless meetings, and dwindling excitement behind their chosen careers. Employers also know it…and aren’t sure how to fix it, but to keep the engine humming, to hit those Q4 KPIs, they push forward the only way they know how.

If you seek professional help, HR Experts will tell you a million ways to do things differently, like train better managers, or design experiences that employees love, but that’s just like adding Ford Mustang car parts around a Model T chassis. The fundamental structure of work is outdated. We are clogging Industrial Age systems with Information Age speeds. It’s slowing us down.

The metaverse and web3 technologies have the power to drive work forward to new levels of productivity and growth by offering individual contributors, all of us, a seat at the table. greater ownership, flexibility, and agency over our work. Today employees are leaving for other employment opportunities; tomorrow, they’ll leave for cryptonetworks in the Metaverse.

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