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🌐 METACON(λ©”νƒ€μ½˜) 2022 : Panel with JOSH DREAN κ΅­λ‚΄ μ΅œλŒ€ 규λͺ¨ λ©”νƒ€λ²„μŠ€ 컨퍼런슀(2022.10.05 ~ 10.06)

The Metacon conference is being held this year at the Shilla hotel in Seoul South Korea. Because of Josh’s work as an advisor at the Harvard innovation labs, he was invited to present a keynote on how the future of work will be impacted by Web3 technologies and the metaverse. He also moderated a panel on investing in the metaverse with the following panelists:

SERGEI MEDVEDEV Co-founder and Chief Business Development Officer, Cryptomeria labs, a Web3 Entertainment ecosystem, & venture partner at Cryptomeria Capital. He is a serial entrepreneur with more than 12 years experience in global business development.

TEPPEI TSUTSUI Is the managing partner at GFR, a San Francisco based venture capital fund that invests in emerging technology around the future of digital entertainment.

TREVOR OWENS Managing Partner at Stacks Accelerator and Co-founder and CEO of Ninjalerts, which provides custom NFT alerts for any contract or wallet.

It was a great event and we are really starting to see these technologies take shape. South Korea is leading the globe in terms of startups entering the space and web3 adoption. There were a lot of great opportunities to network and connect with like-minded individuals who are not only passionate about the metaverse but are also building it. The event was televised across the country on Chosun TV and the content was re-purposed for anyone interested in learning more about decentralization.

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