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Metaverse Spectrum 2022 Keynote: Employment is DEAD – Josh Drean

Welcome to the Metaverse Spectrum Business Conference and Expo. The time is now to begin expanding your presence to the metaverse. Learn how to get there first when you join industry peers to learn, share, and discover new and exciting ways businesses are embracing these powerful web 3.0 technologies.

Here’s why employee experience it not going to work. It implies that the power still resides with leadership and that leadership has to reach down to solve the poor little employee’s problems. They design synthetic experiences that are “individualized” for each employee based on employee feedback. They don’t want that! They want to own that experience and run at what excites them, not have it handed to them.

You are still trying to fix the problem using an old chassis. We need a new chassis. A new car. Continue to load up this old system and it will just break. It’s like trying to get a 2006 Mac to run today’s software. It just isn’t ideal.

What we need is a newer, faster operating system on a newer, faster computer. Work in the Information Age won’t work using Industrial Age frameworks.

We need to embrace Web3 technologies to fully fix work 2.0 problems. Get it?

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